Financial FAQ

Naturally, when we start working with a new client they typically have a lot of questions.

We’ve provided the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

What types financial services does JT Davis Asset Management offer?

Creation of Financial Plans

Your financial future is bright with a plan.  Let’s make it today.

We Manage Assets

Your assets under the close management of JT Davis Asset Management.

Insurance: Financial Tool

Learn about insurance policies that have financial benefits.

Conservative Investing

Risk tolerance varies from person to person, we’ll tailor a plan perfect for you.

Retire Wealthy

We believe this is somewhat of a universal goal desired by all.  Learn the ins and outs with our guidance.

Income Preservation

Once you got it, let’s keep it and make it grow while we are at it.

Common Financial Questions and Answers

What is your investment philosophy?

The investment strategy at JT Davis Asset Management is customized for each individual client. It entails thinking of risk as a thermostat. Our investment strategy with your portfolio will be in line with the amount of risk you are willing to take. We can be conservative, aggressive, or find a nice medium. We’ll help you determine which strategy is best for you during our initial communications.

How often will we communicate?

How often we hop on a phone call or have a virtual meeting or in-person meeting is up to you.  Some of our current clients like a monthly phone call, some quarterly, and some just once or twice a year.  It is completely up to you.

As far as email communications, you can expect to get an email from us weekly letting you know of anything new, exciting, or changes in the financial world.  We want to keep our clients educated and up to date.

How will we communicate?

How we communicate is also up to you.  Our preference is email because we like to have that written documentation to reference if needed in the future.  Plenty of our clients are older and do not email.  This is no problem at all.  We can communicate by phone or in-person meetings.

Virtual meetings are also available.

Where can I learn more about JT Davis Asset Management?

Learn more about JT Davis Asset Management by clicking any of the links below. Johnathon is regularly the guest financial speaker on local news channels, podcasts, and has been featured in numerous on and offline publications over the years.

Do you have a financial question?

Give us a call and let’s answer your question!
The 1st step towards financial freedom is educating yourself. We’d love to share some of our knowledge with you.

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COVID-19 Update

We hope you and your loved ones are happy and healthy.  JT Davis Asset Management is open and onboarding new clients. Contact us with confidence and let’s create a plan to make sure you reach your financial goals. Our services can be provided by phone, email, and video calls if you are uncomfortable meeting in person at this time.