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Is your money working for you?

If not, let’s change that starting today.

At JT Davis Asset Management, we take a big picture approach by providing our clients with a variety of personal planning services and investment vehicles to help you meet your retirement goals.

We strive to take the confusion out of retirement planning by using plain language and educating our clients along the way. Johnathon Davis was recently asked to make an appearance on “Right on the Money” with Steve Savant to give investment advice to everyday people. Watch the segment here.

UK Employees

How would you like to have your retirement account monitored on a weekly basis?

Let JT Davis Asset Management actively manage your 403(b) account on either the Fidelity or TIAA-CREF platform, while you are still in service. We also work with the University of Louisville, the University of Cincinnati, Shriners Hospital, and many others.

Go to your HR website and type in “investment advisor”, or give us a call today.

Toyota Employees

Did you know that you can have your 401(k) professionally managed while you are still working?

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your retirement house in order. Start today.

We work with Toyota, Lockheed Martin, Humana, UPS, and many other retirement plans. Let us show you how.

Federal Employees

We also help FERS employees maximize their FEGLI and TSP benefits.

Contact us today for your FREE Gap Analysis Appointment.

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Assets build wealth.  Wealth provides freedom of time.  

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