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If you are struggling with managing your money, you are in luck.

Meet Reggie Hanson: Certified Professional Coach

Reggie started his coaching practice to add value and inspire people to be more conscientious about their own talents and abilities while helping them realize their full potential, accomplish their goals, solve problems, and build confidence. He helps clients release the fear of change to get to the specific outcome they desire and so they can live the life they deserve.

Reggie’s Bio

He is a Certified Professional Coach through the World Coach Institute with over 20 years’ experience helping people become more diligent about their own skills and competencies while in coaching, leadership, and management roles. He is the President of Hanson Coaching & Consulting LLC, which specializes in, professional coaching, career, and behavioral development, motivational speaking, transitioning, leadership development, and mental health activism.

Financially, Reggie helps his clients get out of their own way so they can get on a path to financial freedom. Many people feel they do not have enough money or make enough money to save right now. But the truth is they just do not have the discipline to save right now. For example, spending money on extracurricular activities that are not needed.

He takes his clients on a step-by-step process customized to fit their needs and helps them overcome obstacles and barriers, find self-discipline and self-accountability, get organized, and eliminate tolerations in their personal life.

It has been proven time and time again when bad habits are negated, and good habits have formed the space for financial freedom is created.

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Let’s Get A Grip On Your Financials

Even if you just have $50 to save, that’s a start.  Let’s work together overtime until you are financially sound.

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